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Experience the all-new page building experience with Gutenberg Blocks to bring your web design imaginations to life.

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Build faster loading websites with the in-built WordPress editor and the most optimized Gutenberg blocks.

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With easy to use click and customize options, you can build and design websites easily without a line of code.

Ajax Load More Pagination Display
Product Grid
Product Carousel Product List Design Library Stock Availability Ajax Load More Pagination Display
Product Grid
Product Carousel Product List Design Library Stock Availability Ajax Load More Pagination Display
Product Grid
Product Carousel Product List Design Library Stock Availability

Woocommerce Product Grid

Product Grid – View Everything In One Place

Want to make your brand stand out from the competition? Proven strategy to increase conversions, and generate more revenue.

An ideal way of presenting to grab potential customers. Visitors will be able to see lots of your products at a glance and add them to their shopping cart quickly.

  • Display all the products on a single page.
  • The easier process is to find the desired product.
  • View all the products at a glance
  • Create your product gallery with style.

Product Carousel

Carousel Product – Increase Interaction With Better Presentation.

Top-converting websites currently convert 23% of visitors
to sales. And you?

It’s hard to get attention in this distracted world. So, highlight your trending or best-selling products in a sliding manner to boost your WooCommerce store to get more sales.

  • Accurate control on the carousel effects
  • Fully customizable
  • Seamless integration
  • Fully responsive

Product List

Integrate Product List – Engage Customers, Increase Sales

You will be losing almost 90% of visitors’ engagement as you are not engaging your customers by displaying all products on a table.

Want to analyze the product pages and Improve the quality of internal linking? This is a higher ranking factor for commercial queries in search engines.

  • Easier to find products in the shop
  • Informative and organized product details
  • Quickly select products from your whole range
  • Excellent choice since it allows you to present your services in stacked rows.

Design Library

Implement Design Library – Build Your Site in A Few Clicks

Want to build a website without hiring a developer? Let’s help in cutting down your time and designinging your website.

An attractive UI helps you to grab visitors and engage them with the site. Design library can make your task easier and faster leading to a higher range of visitors and raising the conversion rate.

  • Easy to implement
  • Abundance of choice
  • Fully Customizable components
  • Built-in functionality

Style Presets

Style Preset – Jumble Through The Bundle OF Presets

Will you miss around 88% of visitors bouncing back from your site? Change your style to bring recurring potential customers.

Make a better UI to attract at first look. Functional style preset intends visitors to consume more.

  • Change the design layout from the Raw file
  • Style can be adjusted to the site from imported files.
  • This shouldn’t be considered a magic solution to editing but a boost to the creative process
  • Accelerates your speed to step forward from the start.
  • instant adjustments from the very beginning of the workflow.

Ajax Load More

Reduce Server Traffic and Increase Speed

To improve the performance and usability of web applications. one-one interface between client and server.

Stick your visitors’ eyesight and engage them to browse smoothly without reloading the page. Implementing Ajax will experience better and more advanced functionality to the users.

The Feature includes

  • It omits to reload the site.
  • Reduces bounce rate and uplifts conversion rate.
  • Allows users to compare products throughout the entire list.
  • Helps with site speed, a critical aspect in user experience and SEO rankings.


Pagination – Split Your Contents For A Better Experience

How do you organize content that satisfies your users, and convert visitors into leads and customers?

Pagination can hurt SEO, websites need to split content across a series of component pages for user experience (UX). Well-curated content will help your business stand out and convert visitors into leads and customers.

  • Pagination impacts SEO by affecting your site’s crawling by search engine bots
  • It is a helpful feature and gives a good experience when the contents are arranged in order.
  • Order your items based on your priority.
  • Pagination comes in handy when you want to show a large data set in manageable chunks.

Featured Product

Featured Products – Promote Your Products With Better Engagement

This opens your brand’s opportunity to reinforce it with your client as you are working with Premium Products.

Raise your promotion, attract attention to your ads, and free listings by showcasing sales.

  • It can increase your revenue and is a great marketing strategy.
  • Quickly boost product visibility on your website.
  • Allows you to run different marketing campaigns.
  • Increases your bottom line sales.
  • It helps you get rid of old stock.

Stock availability

Stock Availability – Complete Solution to Sales Drop

Reduces the sales drop by displaying your stock and substitute stores to compete in the market.

Motivates your customer to return to your store in the future. This determines the behavior of the market, customers, and competitors make efficient and effective decisions.

  • You get the best customer service you can by ensuring you have the products your customers want.
  • It brings trust to the consumer as they can see the number of products available.
  • Minimizes loss of sales.
  • Impacts on the product going out of stock.
  • Brings faith on recurring customers.

Ajax Quick View

The out-of-the-box solution to display your products

Missed out the higher chances of concluding a sale?

Every obstacle is another lost sale for any woo-commerce business. So, make it easier for customers to view and purchase your store products, increasing your conversions and eventually your revenue.

Enjoy the best shopping experience with Ajax Quick View and reduces the bounce rate.

  • The tool that any developer would love to implement
  • Edit selecteds quickly via the pop-up
  • Enable animation effect for Add to Cart popup
  • The better shopping experience on site

Display Review/Rating

Manage Your Customer Reviews, Generate More Sales

Why are you missing the 88% of consumers’ trust? Want to gain your trust from online reviews?

Get inspired and expand the conversation to accelerate your sales. Reviews/Ratings are strong tools to make you more visible which should be the key part of your branding.

  • A great deal benefits a business more than simple marketing.
  • Gives your visitors most of the Answers to their questions.
  • They make you look trustworthy.
  • Social proof drives your purchase.
  • Inspires Customer Loyalty By Giving Consumers Voice.

Just Launched New Lottie Animations Block!

The ultimate Blocks for Gutenberg

No Coding Required

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